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January 8, 2024

It’s simple with Syndeo’s Workforce Staffing Solution.

There are some essential tasks of running a business, and though they must be done, the lead-up to the process can fill business owners and managers with that common yet unspoken sense of dread. Hiring is one of them. Between posting the job description, reviewing applications, and conducting interviews, the hiring process can seem like a behemoth task that consumes valuable time and mental energy. 

Fortunately, that scenario doesn’t have to be your reality. 

Imagine making your next hire from only the top applicants by selecting the person who best fits your company culture from a small pool of already-vetted candidates. Syndeo’s Workforce Staffing Solution in Wichita has the experience and expertise down to a science to make the hiring process simple. We do the legwork for you. 

In this article, we'll talk about:

  • The difficulty of hiring in today’s workplace
  • The cost of making a bad hire
  • How Syndeo has perfected the match-making craft of hiring 
  • The importance of relationship building with our clients and our candidates
  • What staffing solutions Syndeo has to offer

Why is hiring so difficult?

The challenge of hiring is three-fold: 

First, the hiring process itself, when done right, takes a considerable amount of time for business owners or hiring managers. Developing a job listing, posting it, accepting applications, reviewing resumes, and vetting applicants, not to mention setting up and conducting interviews with the top candidates, all take valuable time that could otherwise be allocated to pressing operational tasks. We do all of these tasks to narrow the candidate pool, so all that is left to do is interview the top applicants to find the one who best fits your culture. 

Second, the cyclical nature of workforce staffing has returned to a stage driven by employees’ interests. Employers today must rethink their hiring strategies to account for what motivates and interests potential candidates. Beyond remuneration, employers are being forced to consider unique benefit packages, remote hybrid options, and ways to show work-life balance within their organization. Monitoring the latest hiring trends can help put your company in a position to appeal to candidates, but again, it is a time-consuming process to stay up to date — something we actively keep tabs on.

Third, it is worth noting that the hiring process is not usually the forte of most business owners or managers. The infrequent nature of going through it or the difficulties encountered in recruitment frequently leads to delays or complications. As with any skill set, the more one practices, the better one gets. Considering the significance of this critical process in fostering company growth, it's essential to ensure it's managed by those with ample experience and expertise.

So what if I make a bad hire?

The post-COVID hiring market has left many companies unable to fill necessary positions with qualified workers. Perhaps your company is one of them. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics now says that the average cost of a bad hire is between 30-150% of the position’s annual salary for the first year. It makes sense when you stop to think about it: the time spent in the hiring process, the loss of revenue for work not completed, and the marketing costs of advertising the position add up quickly. While that is a large range, we’ve seen firsthand the costly mistakes companies have experienced by hiring an employee that didn’t ultimately work out. 

Syndeo Workforce Staffing — The Match-Makers of the Workplace

Here’s where Syndeo Workforce Staffing comes in. Our expertise lies in refining the hiring process, an area where we excel. Our approach is akin to the intricacies of match-making in romantic relationships. Much like individuals seeking a compatible long-term partner, we identify potential candidates, assess their suitability, and ultimately strive to make the perfect match for a given organization.

We have pre-screening assessment tools, the know-how on conducting efficient interviews — knowing what to ask and what we cannot ask — and the reputable experience in making the hiring process work like a charm. Our unique approach not only connects clients with candidates they might not have encountered through other means, but also presents candidates with opportunities they might not have otherwise accessed.

At Syndeo, we place great value on building relationships with our clients and our candidate pool in order to find the perfect match. We work to know our clients’ needs and understand their values so that we can identify candidates who not only meet the specified job requirements but also potentially integrate seamlessly into their company culture. At the same time, we get to know the people in our candidate pool through skill and personality assessments so that we can make high-quality referrals. It's analogous to friends arranging a blind date, where our in-depth knowledge of each party allows us to foresee the potential for a harmonious match if given the opportunity to acquaint themselves.

Services of Syndeo Workforce Staffing

Syndeo hires for several different workforce needs, including temporary work, direct hiring, and temp-to-direct hiring. 

Temporary Workers — We find and hire qualified workers for temporary or seasonal positions so they show up at your job site when you need them. We can process their employment in-house, allowing you to coordinate their on-site presence and seamlessly integrate them into your workflow.

Temp-to-Direct Hiring — This option allows for a vetted candidate to be hired for a temporary position that could potentially result in a long-term hire. 

Direct Hire — With our pre-screening and pre-interview processes, we provide the assurance of thoroughly vetted candidates so you can choose an ideal fit. We also offer a Direct Hire Payment Plan that bills based on a percentage of the salary and is broken into equal payments over the first three months of employment. 

90-Day Backfill Guarantee 

Our traditional direct placement service is backed by our 90-day backfill guarantee. That means that if the candidate we recommend leaves within the first 90 days of employment, we are committed to repeating our process to secure another candidate for you at no additional cost.

Partnership with Syndeo Workforce Staffing — A Match Made in Heaven 

Navigating the hiring process can be a daunting task for business owners and managers, marked by time-consuming efforts, potential pitfalls, and the crucial challenge of making the right hire. Syndeo’s Workforce Staffing team understands these challenges and offers comprehensive and customized solutions to simplify the hiring journey. Like any skilled matchmaker, our tried-and-true process for aligning matches is rooted in our genuine desire to see fruitful partnerships grow from our endeavors. 

Let us make your next hiring move a breeze by contacting the Syndeo Workforce Staffing team in Wichita today @ 316.932.1180!

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