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March 22, 2024

They say if you want something done right, do it yourself. As a small or medium-sized business owner, you may feel this way about processing payroll, trusting only yourself to guarantee precision. Although this approach might be effective in the initial stages of establishing your company, it comes with long-term drawbacks. Namely, the time you spend to ensure accuracy and compliance detracts from other leadership and business development tasks you could take on.

  • What if you had someone you could trust to delegate your payroll and its encompassing tasks?
  • Would you consider off-loading those necessary but time-consuming processes?

Good news!

Syndeo can take on the payroll processes that take most of your time, or even all of them so that you can focus on what you do best, running your business.

In this installment of our PEO 101 series, we will look at what payroll processes Syndeo can take on for your business, highlighting what partnering with Syndeo looks like, how we tailor our services to each client’s needs, and four specific services that benefit our clients most. (If you haven’t read the first post in this series, take a moment to get started with PEO 101: The BusyBusiness Owner’s Guide to HR.)

Syndeo can be (or support) your payroll department.

You can completely outsource your payroll services to Syndeo or we can also function as an extension of your payroll team. Either way, you can benefit from our experience and expertise in streamlining the payroll process.

Additionally, you gain the advantage of having a backup, assuring your employees that payroll will consistently be taken care of. This support is particularly valuable for businesses with compact payroll departments or those operated by a single individual.

We can manage and produce certified payroll reports that only require your approval to complete. We can set up direct deposits or ACH payments and pay cards for your employees and new hires. Syndeo can also maintain your employees’ paid time off (PTO) records, ensuring accurate tracking and management.

With our comprehensive payroll solutions, you have the flexibility to completely outsource your payroll services to Syndeo, allowing us to manage every aspect seamlessly.

Ensuring accuracy with our HRIS platform.

To guarantee accuracy in our reporting, payments, and payroll services, we use our electronicHRIS platform, PRISM. When you become a Syndeo client, our onboarding team provides extensive training on how to use PRISM so you can get the most functionality. One of its most useful features is the ability it gives to report and approve your employee hours electronically, thereby avoiding potential mistakes that can get lost in manual tracking. Additionally, we employ thorough systems of checks and double-checks to ensure the complete accuracy of all our efforts on behalf of our clients.

Tailored services that align with your business.

Our goals are to customize solutions that align with your unique requirements, ensuring that your efforts are not only easier but also more efficient and effective. Recognizing that not every business shares the same payroll needs or schedule, our specialists collaborate directly with your payroll contact to tailor our services precisely to your specifications.

Even though we modify our services based on the needs of each client, some of our payroll services consistently rank among the most valuable to our clients. When our clients express deep appreciation that we are in their corner and supporting their employees, we take notice.Here are four services that routinely help our clients beyond what they expect.

1. Delivering compliance peace of mind.

Keeping up with the ever-evolving compliance regulations poses a challenge for every business owner. The yearly changes enacted vary, though they seem to be more in quantity after an election cycle. Even since COVID-19, numerous sick PTO rules have been implemented that must be applied to the payroll process. Instead of investing extensive time researching, understanding, and implementing these changes, trusting a partner like Syndeo can help reclaim valuable time so you can use it better. Syndeo stays vigilant about updates that may impact your business, ensuring that we can navigate potential issues and spare you unnecessary trouble.

2. Remitting payroll taxes.

In addition to paying your employees according to the terms of your company, Syndeo can remit both federal and state payroll taxes. These taxes include FICA (Social Security and Medicare),FUTA (federal unemployment tax), and SUTA (state unemployment tax). For your employees, we can calculate their federal, state, and local withholdings for each pay period and adjust those holdings according to their requests. As a PEO client, Syndeo handles the preparation and submission of your business tax filings, which encompass forms such as 940,941, W2s, W3s, and other forms tailored to your business or industry, as well as assisting withIRS and state DOR audits. This alleviates the responsibility of managing payroll filings, providing you with added convenience.

3. Processing immediate pay for termination.

As your business grows and expands into new markets in new states, your payroll department bears the responsibility for knowing the new laws in different states. Though it is not a federal requirement, immediate pay states require that the employee’s final paycheck be provided on the same day as their termination or within a specified timeframe shortly after the termination, regardless of the next pay period. This small detail is one that Syndeo has years of experiencewith helping businesses expand, and we know the federal and state payroll regulations in everystate where our clients are located. We process your payroll according to each state’srequirements, no matter which ones you operate in. Instead of extra work for you, we streamlinethese efforts through expertise and staying abreast of prompt compensation states and theirregulations.

4. Handling employee garnishments.

Processing employee garnishments is another time-consuming task that is easy to outsource to Syndeo. Keeping track of these payments adds to the mental burden of busy business owners.We are equipped to oversee the entire process: responding to the garnishments based on each employee’s unique situation, inputting the details into the system, and overseeing them until they are fulfilled. We also take care of the communication if an employee is terminated, notifying the garnishee of the employment status. Outsourcing this aspect of the payroll process allows you to save time and alleviate the mental strain associated with ensuring their completion.

Outsource your payroll.

Even though the payroll tasks of any business may seem mundane, they outrank most other business responsibilities in priority. Just ask your employees. Syndeo's assistance allows you to maintain employee satisfaction with timely paychecks, all while alleviating the administrative headache of navigating these complexities on your own.

So, back to doing things yourself if you want them done right. There are always exceptions to every rule, especially for time-consuming, must-be-done tasks. Opting for a top-tier PEO partner such as Syndeo is a surefire way to complete those necessary tasks with 100 percent accuracy, allowing you to reclaim the valuable time you would otherwise invest.

Which payroll responsibilities cause you the most trouble? Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to our newsletter for more thought-provoking HR content from Syndeo. To learn more about how outsourced HR services can get you back to business, contact Syndeo today!

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