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We are a premier human resources partner, committed to supporting your people in the same way you do. Spend less time on HR tasks and compliance and more time doing what you do best.

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Outsourced HR for precisely what you need.

Why Syndeo?

Get the white glove treatment.

One-size-fits-all doesn’t work in outsourced HR because every company is different. That’s why we strive to serve your business as our own. Our team creates tailored services that fit your needs and budget.

Secure the real dream team.

No matter what size company you have, our skilled team of HR experts is ready to help you take on the routine tasks that divert your attention from expanding your business.

Modern. Evolving. Growing.

We’ve been around long enough to see a fundamental shift in HR practices. As these changes unfolded, we have successfully adjusted our services to align with today's standards of best practices.

More than a PEO platform.

Get access to top-tier PEO technology and HR specialists who can help you leverage it effectively.

Get tailored HR services for your business.

We are here to motivate the people and companies around us to be the best version of themselves. As your PEO, we are a tenacious problem-solving team that delivers results, not excuses.

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More growth. Less headache.

With Syndeo, you can focus more on your core business and less on admin work. We tackle all of the time-consuming HR tasks – ones you may not like to do anyway – to keep your business operating efficiently. Trusting us with your administrative tasks allows you to devote your energy to scaling your business.

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Avoid unnecessary risk and costly compliance mistakes.

Proactively monitoring regulatory updates minimizes risks and ensures legal adherence. Partnering with Syndeo allows you to stay ahead of evolving regulations and compliance changes. Our knowledge of conventional HR standards and forward-thinking expertise ensures your company is crossing its t’s and dotting all the i’s.

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About Syndeo

We believe with unwavering certainty every organization has the potential to become great, but no business can embark on that journey alone. Every business needs a trusted confidant who understands your needs, and the challenges you face and can join forces to conquer them head-on.

We are Syndeo, a partner ready to help you take on the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a PEO?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provides companies with outsourced HR solutions that include HR services, regulatory compliance management, payroll processing, employee payroll tax filing, workers’ compensation insurance and risk management, health benefits, employers’ practice and liability insurance (EPLI), retirement (401k), and a Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

PEOs use a model known as co-employment which involves a shared tax ID with the client company. This arrangement allows the client company to transfer many of its key employer responsibilities to the PEO, while continuing to manage their employees’ day-to-day activities.

Who uses a PEO?

Any business can find value in a PEO relationship with Syndeo because we offer custom solutions and expertise in HR management. PEOs partner with small or large companies and work in conjunction with their existing human resources department.

PEO clients include different types of businesses ranging from accounting firms to high-tech companies and small manufacturers. We service a broad range of professionals, including doctors, financial institutions, engineers, hospitality and more.

How does a PEO arrangement work?

Once a client company contracts with a PEO, the PEO will then co-employ the client’s worksite employees. In the arrangement among a PEO, a worksite employee and a client company, there exists a co-employment relationship, which involves a contractual allocation and sharing of employer responsibilities between the PEO and the client pursuant to a client service agreement (CSA).

The PEO typically remits wages and withholdings of the worksite employees and reports, collects and deposits employment taxes with local, state and federal authorities. The PEO also issues the Form W-2 for the compensation paid by it under its EIN. The client company retains responsibility for and manages product development and production, business operations, marketing, sales, and service. As a co-employer, the PEO will often provide a complete human resource and benefit package for worksite employees.

Do I give up control of my business if I join a PEO?

This myth stems from the fact that a PEO becomes a co-employer with the partner company. Some might think that there is potential for a company to have to give up their decision-making power and the ability to operate their company as they would like. But remember, a PEO is an employer for only certain aspects such as payroll, benefits, risk management, etc. The employer and PEO partnership allow business owners to retain control and decision-making power over their business.

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