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February 6, 2024

Partnering with Syndeo opens access to our decades of HR experience that can help you improve and grow your business.

One of the main benefits of partnering with Syndeo as your professional employment organization is the access it gives you to our deep knowledge and broad experience in helping companies to improve starting with their HR processes. We pride ourselves on being a true partner who is equally concerned for your business as you are.

But sometimes, when you are in the thick of servicing your clients or making your products, it can be challenging to see places to tweak your processes that could boost your productivity or customer service. Often, an outsider can come in and make a suggestion that leaves you thinking, “You’re right. Why didn’t I think of that?” Syndeo is proud to be that consultative partner to help you explore options you might not have known were possible.

In this article, we will highlight ways consulting with Syndeo can optimize your business strategies, enhance operational efficiency, and foster successful collaborations, including:

  • How to maximize your Syndeo partnership to improve your business.
  • Three examples of how Syndeo helped their clients reach a new level of success.
  • How to approach your Syndeo representative with your project.

Reach out to reach new heights and maximize your Syndeo partnership.

Partnering with Syndeo means elevating your business to new heights. Beyond managing your HR function, we invest in your success with the same dedication you have for your business.

Unsure about how to modernize or enhance a specific aspect of your operations? Wondering if there is a more effective way to onboard new employees? Considering how to engage your employees more?

Starting a conversation with a knowledgeable ally like Syndeo can jumpstart your creative process. We specialize in crafting customized solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring optimal efficiency and increased productivity.

To maximize your Syndeo relationship, simply reach out. These consultative conversations help you identify areas of your business where improvements can be made but you may not be sure just how.

Whether you need assistance brainstorming ideas, implementing strategies, or evaluating their effectiveness, rest assured, we're here to support your business growth journey every step of the way. Take a look at these ways we’ve already helped our clients improve their processes:

Example #1: Growth requires refining ideas.

One Syndeo client, which employs several hundred employees across multiple worksites, is continuing to grow. This exciting new growth presented new opportunities to revamp their employee onboarding process, all of which Syndeo handles.

This client approached Syndeo about ways their onboarding process could be modernized and made more robust, making an impact even before the new hire walked through the door on their first day. Our task was to share more of the history of their organization and insight into their company culture to prepare new employees for a seamless integration into the company and foster a sense of belonging.

Even though the existing process was sufficient and effective, their vision to refine and expand itset our minds to work. We drew upon examples from other Syndeo clients and tailored our approach to meet their specific needs, reflecting our commitment to creating meaningful and effective solutions for each client. For this client, we introduced several of their engaging videosto the electronic onboarding process that told of the company's rich history, highlighted its values, and showcased its vibrant company culture.

By re-evaluating the way the onboarding process was handled to meet new growth opportunities, our team devised custom, innovative strategies that not only streamlined the initiation of new employees but also enhanced the overall onboarding experience.

Our tailored approach, including the immediate integration into the company culture and history through engaging video content, proved instrumental in cultivating a workplace that promotes employee-to-employee networking and establishes a keen sense of belonging among new hires.

Example #2: Going beyond expectations.

In another instance, our client was pleasantly surprised by the results we delivered that he did not expect. This organization has a large machine shop and frequently struggles to find qualified candidates that meet the unique skillset that the job requires. Beyond that, when they do find qualified candidates, new hires are required to complete pre-employment physicals and breathing tests that have a significant wait time to get the results. At times, these eagerly awaited candidates may be forfeited during prolonged pre-employment screenings to other employers capable of expediting their onboarding process.

Our Syndeo staff explored alternative options that met the pre-employment screening requirements in a fraction of the turnaround time. To the delight and surprise of our client, Syndeo identified an alternative that yielded results within a 24-hour timeframe, cutting the screening time by more than half compared to the previous process.

Enabling a quicker initiation for new employees by eliminating unnecessary wait times means this client has one less obstacle to overcome when he needs additional help. Without Syndeo's initiative to seek better alternatives, our client would still be facing extended wait times before initiating the onboarding process for new employees.

Example #3: Training managers to be leaders.

Most of the time, our HR professionals are working directly with supervisors or leadership teams within an organization. We often conduct tailored supervisory-level training and work with managers to address employee relations issues while offering strategic guidance to enhance overall organizational effectiveness.

These trainings cover topics ranging from employee development to accountability to tough conversations. Due to the nature of our work and our involvement with our clients’ businesses, it is common for our staff to identify workplace trends as they develop. This insight positions Syndeo as a go-to collaborative partner for tackling complex issues that may be uncomfortable for some managers who lack experience in a particular HR situation. We can streamline processes or equip these supervisors with the tools they need to be the strong leaders their employees can depend on.

We have received numerous compliments from several clients praising our team's capability to initiate these relationships and make a positive impact on their leaders. Setting our clients up for success ensures their organizational dynamics flourish and empowers leaders to navigate challenges confidently and effectively. This commitment to excellence has been a cornerstone of our client relationships.

Take the next step to propel your business.

If you're pondering ways to enhance a particular aspect of your business, why not seek assistance from your Syndeo partners? Our external perspective, coupled with a nuanced understanding of your business operations, can provide invaluable insights that shape the way you do business. Our aim to produce bespoke solutions for each client is rooted in our belief that tailored approaches are essential for addressing unique challenges and maximizing opportunities specific to your business environment. Contact your Syndeo representative today to start the conversation.

What areas of your business do you think could use some tweaking to increase your impact? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to our newsletter for more thought-provoking HR content from Syndeo. To learn more about how outsourced HR services can get you back to business, contact Syndeo today!

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