Manage employee benefits like a master.

With Syndeo, leverage our collective buying power to offer your employees competitive benefit packages. And the best part: we do the legwork for you.

Effective benefit plans attract attention.

Discover the best talent.

Finding the right people for the right roles within your company is no small order. Syndeo helps you create a custom benefits package that garners the attention of potential high-flyers.

Offer competitive benefits.

Compensation plays a pivotal role in attracting qualified candidates. Offering benefit plans that can fit any budget will help your company stand out for ideal applicants.

Keep employees happy.

With affordable plans that drive down costs and automatic payroll deduction to keep coverage paid up, employees turn their focus towards striving for greatness.

With Syndeo, you can expect:

What our clients say...

"From the very beginning, Syndeo has always been our HR partner and our HR management. They helped us start from scratch and build our HR department so we could hit the ground running. They helped us write our employee manual and craft all of our job descriptions. They also helped us identify and articulate many of our processes. Now, they help watch our back. And that's where Syndeo comes into play for us. They are a fantastic partner for us to be able to work with that takes care of all the HR needs that we have so we can focus on our core business. They bring that expertise to the table in a way that I could never hire in an entire HR department. They live it. They breathe it. Just like we live and breathe aerospace parts."

David May, Trinity Precision

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What employee benefit tasks does Syndeo do?

Syndeo provides access to quality healthcare coverage that can be customized to the benefits that are most important to you and your employees. We help design a benefit plan that includes health, dental, vision, disability and life insurance, as well as an employee assistance plan, health savings accounts (HSAs), and flexible spending accounts (FSAs). We also have a 401k retirement plan option that allows your employees to save for retirement without the burden of plan administration and compliance.

What benefits should I offer to attract potential employees?

While the core benefits within any organization are key to a successful recruiting and retention strategy, supplemental benefit plans like pet insurance, personal identity protection and employee assistance programs that promote personal well-being are gaining popularity in the workforce.

Do I have to be a large employer to offer competitive benefits?

One benefit of partnering under Syndeo's PEO model is the opportunity to provide richer medical, dental and vision plan options that are typically only available at larger-sized companies with thousands of employees. While qualification into our plans does require a thorough review process, Syndeo facilitates this process with you and your employees, saving hours of work on your end and making the decision to tailor your insurance options hassle-free.

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