How to Implement a Proven Strategy That Simplifies Your HR.

May 20, 2024

Joining as a Syndeo PEO client has never been easier.

Have you been looking for resources to help you develop proactive HR strategies or ways to make your payroll process simpler? Or have you reevaluated whether or not your benefit options are attracting the top-tier candidates you want to hire? Have you wondered if you are unknowingly taking unnecessary business risks?

Syndeo can address all of these concerns and more. 

If you’ve been following our PEO 101: The Busy Business Owner’s Guide to HR series, you have a pretty good idea of the scope of Syndeo’s services and how partnering together can cut down on the time you spend on tasks that don't generate income on the job. Our main goal is to overcome the lackluster administrative work that accompanies being a business owner so you can focus on growing your business. 

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Many of our clients come to our services for one aspect and end up appreciating the full range of our premier services and the white-glove experience we offer. We don’t just perform the human function of business called human resources; we establish solid relationships with our clients and with their employees built on trust. This approach is both the foundation and the secret ingredient to our success. Our commitment to serving clients with trust and transparency helps our clients to know that we are on their team, helping to make their businesses work and flow more efficiently. 

In this article, we will look at the process of coming on board with Syndeo, what you can expect, and how we will deliver exceptional results.

Transitioning to Syndeo as your outsourced HR team usually takes about 60 days. After you sign the PEO agreement, we set up a series of meetings to collect all the pertinent information for onboarding your employees to our human resources information system (HRIS). These meetings include a welcome call, an implementation meeting, and an HR onboarding meeting. You can expect careful attention to detail and questions that help us understand your needs clearly. 

The Welcome Call — Get Onboard!

Congratulations! You just signed up with a partner who cares about your business as much as you do! This introductory meeting will outline the timeline for implementing the transition to Syndeo as your employer of record and help you set your expectations accordingly. It details each step in the process and identifies intervals in which data or documentation needs to be completed to keep the process moving steadily forward. 

Additionally, our team will take time to demo and answer any questions you have about items needed on the MyPortal. We will also show you where to access the documents needed for the transition timeline. There will be a detailed list for each Syndeo department to ensure we have all the information needed.

The Implementation Meeting — Getting Started With a PEO

The implementation meeting pulls together members of our Transition team to begin discussing what your customized Syndeo services will look like. We will talk about your business from each aspect of the services we provide — HR, payroll, employee benefits, risk management, and payroll accounting. 

We will start looking at items such as: 

Recent payroll register, employee child support payments or employee garnishments

Accounting/Payroll Tax
Necessary tax forms, general ledger 

HR Basics
Current employee handbook and most recent job descriptions

Current workers’ compensation plan

Current medical plan, invoices, and summary and health questionnaires

During this session, we get clarification on every aspect of how your business operates. If we have specific questions, we tackle these queries during this meeting. This forum enables Syndeo experts to gain insight into your company's internal operations so that we can facilitate tailored solutions. Subsequently, a follow-up will outline any pending tasks or informational requirements. This meeting also allows us to address any pertinent questions you may not have already asked. 

HR Onboarding Meeting — Sorting Out Your HR Needs

Due to the comprehensive nature of our human resource services, we arrange a dedicated meeting specifically for HR matters, typically held at your location or worksite. During this session, our transition team manager, HR representative, and client business partner personally visit your company to delve into the details of your HR support needs. We review pertinent documents on file, such as labor law posters or I-9 files, and discuss any additional HR practices in place or under consideration.

The HR Onboarding Meeting provides an opportunity to deepen your understanding of our HR services, address any inquiries, identify essential services, and collaboratively plan how to fulfill your HR needs efficiently. We assist in organizing job descriptions, determining supervisor training requirements, and outlining training plans and implementation strategies. Whether leading training sessions or providing resources for in-house implementation, we aim to ensure clarity on responsibilities by the meeting's end.

Fortunately, our processes are streamlined through efficient electronic methods, eliminating the need for paperwork handling. Clients transitioning to our electronic onboarding system often find it not only straightforward but also advantageous due to its streamlined nature.

Employee Orientation — Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Employee orientation is also held onsite at your location. Your HR representative and other Syndeo staff meet with your employees so they will have some familiarity with our team. We will verify the employment status of each employee by certifying all of the I-9 forms, discuss any handbook changes, indicate benefit enrollment information or changes, and help employees understand their tax options. This meeting is also a great time for employers to update additional forms like special policies, non-compete contracts, or non-disclosure agreements not included in the employee handbooks.

Parallel Payroll Process — Trial Run to Ensure Accuracy

Before processing the first official payroll for your organization, we verify the process by running your two previous payrolls. Refiguring these “parallel payrolls” is designed to catch any errors and allows you to compare that they match the benchmark payrolls easily. This way, you can have confidence the process works exactly as you expect. Syndeo will provide sample reports, customized as necessary, to mirror what you are familiar with. These parallel payrolls give you extra time to understand the process compared to the 24-hour window of processing your regular payroll once services start.

HRIS Training — Navigating the New System

Once the parallel payrolls have been completed, we use that data to train your designated team member or client contact person on how to use our human resources information system (HRIS), PRISM. We like to do this training online so we can demo the software through screen sharing. We make sure that you know how to look at employee information, update a pay rate, add new hires, or pull necessary reports. Additionally, these training sessions address any queries or concerns in real time, ensuring a seamless transition to using PRISM effectively.

Welcome to the Syndeo family. We’re glad to have you!

Once we’ve completed the onboarding and orientation processes, practiced processing your payroll, and educated your team on navigating the HRIS, we are officially ready to provide you with white glove HR service. 

Our team boasts in-depth knowledge of HR laws and regulations, and we stay updated on policy changes. Our service is a valuable time-saving resource for busy business owners seeking help keeping pace with evolving policies. Drawing from our extensive experience assisting clients across various industries, we adapt our procedures to incorporate changes that guide our operations more effectively.

You'll discover that our Syndeo representatives, particularly your dedicated Syndeo business partner, are readily available to address any questions that may arise during the process. We're committed to ensuring your comprehension and comfort every step of the way with clear and timely communication. 

Whether you're seeking affordable benefits or assistance with compliance, Syndeo is poised to support your business with the same vigor you do.

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