Reduce risk with a resolute sidekick.

We are a trusted partner that functions as an extension of your own company to help you identify and mitigate business vulnerabilities.

Minimizing risk’s impact.

Protect their safety.

We create handbooks, safety training, and preventative measures for identifying hazards within your specific business and industry.

Increase productivity.

If your employees get hurt, so does their ability to perform their job. Keeping your employees safe and protected from hazards keeps them at work and moving your business forward. Not to mention the time it saves you on paperwork.

Quick resolution.

With quick and ready access to claims adjusters, we know the details necessary to secure faster claims closing and payouts, keeping your costs lower than if you had to figure it out yourself.

Pain-less process.

No need to make an injury situation worse with a mountain of paperwork. Trust Syndeo to offer comprehensive support and guidance through the claims process.

With Syndeo, you can expect:

What our clients say...

"Having an HR business partner we can call when life happens is very important for us. If we run into things we haven't seen before, having someone pick up the phone to talk to is a great benefit. For any organization that is looking to outsource HR: do your due diligence. Look at what your options bring to the table. You will find that Syndeo has the full gamut to support your goals and build a great organization. It’s a journey, though. Fortunately, Syndeo is along for the journey."

Cuy Mauck, Stryv Bank (formerly Chisholm Trail State Bank)

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What risk management tasks does Syndeo do?

Syndeo is dedicated to keeping your business and employees safe. Our risk management experts can provide workers’ compensation coverage and manage your workers’ compensation claims. Ensuring you have a safe work environment that includes industry-specific safety training, OSHA compliance, safety policies, return-to-work policies is a top priority for our team.

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