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A boutique HR experience.

Our approach allows business owners, human resource departments, and entrepreneurs to tame the essential, yet non-revenue-generating responsibilities of human capital management.

We put people first.

We’re putting the human back into human resources. We are more than a PEO platform; our team is committed to helping you and your people reach their fullest potential. We provide a modern, high-touch approach to HR services and compliance tailored to your organizational needs.

As your trusted partner, we take on the lackluster administrative tasks of running a business, allowing you to achieve greatness by doing what you do best.

How it works:

Step 1. Free Consultation.

Contact us to set up a thorough human capital assessment of your company.  

Step 2. Plan design.

We put together a plan derived from your specific needs.

Step 3. Implementation.

We execute the plan and leave you time to get back to business.

Step 4. Review outcomes.

We evaluate outcomes to make sure we are achieving your goals.

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What our clients say...

"We still maintain an in-house HR director because of our size, but our partnership with Syndeo is very symbiotic. We feel that it gives us kind of the best of both worlds. We are able to have someone on staff in our company at all times dealing with our employees, but also have the wealth of knowledge and expertise that Syndeo brings to the table. When we started with Syndeo, we were probably about half the size we are now. So working with Syndeo has allowed us to double our company within the last 10 years. I think our employees truly value Syndeo and what the relationship brings to our organization. Our employees know that, in addition to our in-house abilities, Sydneo is always there to take care of their needs. Syndeo is always just a phone call away."

Robert Babst, Metal Finishing Co.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a CPEO?

A certified professional employer organization (CPEO) is a PEO that has applied and is approved to be certified as a CPEO by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) after meeting rigorous qualifying requirements.

If a PEO is certified, client employers are fully protected from sanctions and compliance lapses, including issues related to payroll taxes, as recognized by the IRS certification program. So, if anything goes wrong, the CPEO is held liable. With an ordinary PEO, client employers are not guaranteed this protection. In fact, in the event that taxes are filed wrongly or late, the IRS will hold the primary employer responsible.

How does working with Syndeo help me control costs and grow my business?

Syndeo is the single solution that equips you with a full, custom HR solution for your business. Our team of experts work closely with clients on how to solve their issues in human resources, employee benefits, workers compensation and risk, and payroll and technology. Syndeo is the centralized vendor for HR solutions that comes fully equipped with a team of HR professionals dedicated to ensuring HR compliance with your organization. You won’t need to hire multiple vendors. We are passionate about providing custom HR solutions that match your culture so you can focus on growing your business.

What are the technology benefits when partnering with Syndeo?

Syndeo’s web-based HRIS platform is a secure, world-class employee management platform that empowers business owners with custom reporting and electronic efficiencies. We provide a centralized database for employee onboarding, benefit management, compliance reporting, and automation for performance reviews and appraisals that keep your organization streamlined. Worksite employees also have access to their secure employee portals where they can easily update personal information and have access to employment-related data like payroll vouchers and PTO balances.

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