Court ruling expands EEO-1 reporting requirements; Syndeo can assist with compliance

October 10, 2023

A recent court ruling may require certain employers to submit more information to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.Companies that file an Employer Information Report, more commonly referred to as an EEO-1 Survey, with that organization now have until Sept. 30 to submit “Component 2” data in addition to the “Component 1” information that is already required.The EEO-1 Survey provides race/ethnicity and gender information on employees in specific job categories. The second component would also require employers to track and submit wage and hour data. The court case is subject to appeal, however.The EEO-1 Survey is a requirement at the federal level for all employers with 100 or more employees and some employers that are federal contractors with 50 or more employees, figures that are based on contractor status and contract size.This year, the EEO-1 Survey was delayed by the federal government shutdown, thus extending to May 31 the normal March 31 deadline. The court ruling adds another layer of complexity with the Component 2 information factored in, but the May 31 deadline for Component 1 data won’t change, according to information on the EEOC’s website.The EEOC anticipates beginning to collect Component 2 data for calendar year 2018 in mid-July. The organization says EEO-1 filers will be notified in the coming months of a precise date the survey will open.The dynamics of EEO-1 reporting change for businesses that work with an outsourced human resources provider, such as Syndeo.With a professional employer organization (PEO) model, Syndeo reports those types of businesses under our federal employment identification number and handles all EEO-1 reporting regardless of a company’s size. Syndeo uses an administrative services organization (ASO) designation to assist companies with 100 or more employees or government contractors with 50 or more employees with EEO-1 filings. ASO companies maintain their own tax identification number.The EEOC typically uses the information contained in those filings for research purposes but also has the authority to use the data for enforcement initiatives.The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) also uses this data for contractor compliance purposes.About us: As the Heartland’s leading employer services company, Syndeo partners with local business owners to help them minimize risk, improve efficiency and maximize profitability allowing them the freedom to focus on growth and fulfilling their mission. Syndeo fulfills its mission by taking on all of the HR responsibilities for our clients’ workforce, including employee relations, benefits, risk management and payroll.

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