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Leaderhip Team

Tracey Pickett

Prior to joining Syndeo, Tracey spent 15 years at four different health insurance companies and 3 years working directly with health care providers. She also held benefits roles for 12 years and HR roles for 3 years at two major aircraft manufacturers. This diverse experience has helped Tracey develop a thorough understanding of benefits administration from multiple perspectives. Her well-rounded background provides valuable insight into how employee benefits programs intersect across employers, insurers, and health care providers.

Key strengths that have contributed to Tracey's successful career include a strong work ethic, commitment to accountability, attention to detail, documentation skills, and the ability to collaborate effectively with all types of individuals. Tracey's personal philosophy centers around striving to be the best she can be, treat mistakes as opportunities for learning, and don't be afraid to ask questions.

When not at work, Tracey enjoys traveling, spending time at the beach, and being around family and friends. She was born and raised in Iowa has lived in Nebraska, Minnesota, and New Mexico.