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Leaderhip Team

Korey McCormick

Meet Korey, a dedicated professional with a diverse background and a passion for making a positive impact. Having studied at Butler and Wichita State University, Korey brings a solid educational foundation to her role. Prior to her professional workforce staffing expertise, Korey worked in the fire prevention sector at the Wichita Fire Department along with project management roles working with the Youth Entrepreneurs.

She has cultivated expertise in onboarding, business development, and relationship-building, demonstrating her versatility and adaptability in diverse professional settings. Korey's key strengths include competitiveness, passion for fulfillment, diversity appreciation, and a knack for solving problems quickly and assertively. Guided by the philosophy that leadership is about influencing lives, she approaches her work with integrity and empathy.

Beyond the workplace, Korey enjoys spending time with her daughter, practicing yoga, and exploring new destinations through travel.