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Leaderhip Team

Cameron Swarts

Cameron joined Syndeo’s payroll team in October 2022 bringing with him a career background that combines business administration and technology. He spent time working for a local franchise company overseeing its backend human resources and managerial functions.

He is a Wichita native and has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management from Wichita State University.

Cameron says he enjoys working with numbers and loves being able to provide services that alleviate stress from the lives of others.

He loves to travel and says Greece has been his favorite travel destination. That’s also where he got one of his 30 (yes 30) tattoos.

Cameron likes to be active by going to the gym or looking for a new project to take on. He enjoys meditating and finding ways to enhance his mind, body and spirit. Time with family and friends is important as well.

Cameron has three dogs and a cat.